week 2 recap

whaddya learn
  • | jQuery
  • | MySQL

This week’s goals were to tackle jQuery in around three days and learn enough MySQL to conquer thirty or so brain teasing database queries. In the previous bootcamp I found jQuery really interesting, but it wasn’t until this second time around that I realized one of the amazing benefits this library provides. jQuery provides some amazing methods and tools for accessing practically any element on the page, and in a familiar CSSey (is that a real word??? >.>) way. This is of course on top of all the animation and effect based functions.

I spent a ton of time helping the other students throughout the week and while explaining concepts I saw the beauty of mixing jQuery and javascript in the same statements. It is so fluid that at times I wasn’t having to thik about whether what I was doing was jQuery or not. Also, due to all the discussing I have done, the topics have assimilated and matured so much more.

cat_ninja cat_ninja2Once again I put my work up on github. I really enjoyed this particular jQuery assignment because it was the beginning of a game, and I love my video games.

some other things I worked on…
  • | PHP

checkerboard checkerboard2 checkerboard3
Beyond jQuery and MySQL, I started to work on PHP. One of my more memorable projects was a checkboard created dynamically with PHP, but I decided to add some jQuery to it and allowed the user to change the boards colors with either sliders or text inputs or even randomly.

Up until now, I haven’t had the assignment that hooks you and steals many hours of your time with fun tweaks and upgrades, but this was my first addiction. I iterated on this checkerboard many times, refining everything. I put the code here as usual, but I will also probably put it on my site as well (whenever I decide to finally make it… *sigh).


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