where were you now?!?

What happened?

Somewhere during the second week of the June 24th Mountain View cohort, my family experienced some pretty serious problems. I was torn, since I was loving and thriving in the unique bootcamp atmosphere and learning system. I continued to power on while still trying to assist my family back home, but finally at the end of the third week I could no longer take care of matters back home and had to return to help my family.

This was not the end though as I originally intended to triumphantly reappear back in Mountain View after a few days. These thoughts in mind, I kept trudging through the course materials in the evenings or any other time I could find. I made it through a couple more weeks before reality dawned on me and I realized me meeting up with the bootcamp was not going to happen. Since my family still needed me I had to stay.

Now what?

After discussing my predicament with Michael Choi, he invited my into their brand new dojo in Bellevue, WA. September 3 was the beginning of their first cohort in Washington. The first couple weeks are review for me, but I am acting as a teaching assistant of sorts.

The bootcamp could not have started soon enough, I was itching to jump back into the bootcamp environment. Once you have experienced this fast-paced, high volume learning system life outside seems slow and boring. The high-speed learning is addictive. I can’t wait to start creating.


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